The Merchant of Venice Act 1 Assignment
Updated: 3/18/2020
The Merchant of Venice Act 1 Assignment

Storyboard Description

Act 1 Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1 Event 1
  • I'm sad and I don't know why
  • Maybe its love
  • Is it you wealth?
  • Scene 1 Event 2
  • Yeah, I can help you out.
  • I need 3000 ducats, to marry Portia. I can pay you back once I do
  • Scene 2 Event 1
  • I don't have a choice
  • Your father was ever virtuous, and holy men at their death have good inspirations
  • Yes, yes Bassanio, as I think, so was he called. worthy of thy praise
  • Antonio is upset and he doesn't understand why that is. His two friends Salerio, and Solanio try to cheer him up.
  • Scene 2 Event 2
  • In your fathers time, a Venetian, a scholar, and a soldier
  • Bassanio asks Antonio for money, for a chance to marry Portia. Antonio agrees.
  • Scene 3 Event 1
  • 3,000 Ducats and Antonio shall be bound
  • Portia is upset, she cannot choose who she wants to marry, she talks with Nerissa.
  • Scene 3 Event 2
  • Deal! My investors should be back in a month.
  • Deal?
  • Portia mentions Bassanio and shows some interest in him.
  • Bassanio and Shylock discuss about their deal, the 3000 Ducats, and Antonio to be bound
  • I need a 3,000 Ducats, I can pay it back in three months
  • Bassanio turns down the deal, while Antonio accepts the deal to get the 3000 ducats by 3 months
  • No deal! I won't risk my friend