Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • About The PoemIts never the same water, its always changing and moving 
  • About The Song river channels start to twist and turn, depends on how fast the river is
  • The Songit comes down from the mountains and into the river
  • did you know that there are 250,000 rivers in the USA
  • ocean
  • river
  • i dont know but we need to clean it up.
  • why is there so much trash
  • how we effect rivers littering is very bad for the lakes, rivers and oceans because when the fish see the trash they think its food so they eat it then they die. littering is also bad for the invoroment.
  • why we use riverssome people use them to get water from the well. some people go fishing, then release the fish when they are done fishing, or some just love to look at the amazing view they have.
  • why rivers are importantsometimes boats cant transfer things in a truck or car so they have to transfer things in boats. or sometimes they just like to look at the view and relax