Story board book report
Updated: 1/29/2020
Story board book report
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  • Starting School with an Enemy
  • Author - Elisa CarbonePub Date - 1999
  • Rising Action 1
  • Rising Action 2
  • Protagonist - SarahAntoganist - Eric (bully)Other character - Christina (Sarah's best friend)
  • Rising Action 3
  • In this scene, Sarah met this girl who she became really good friends with( Her friend really liked soccer .) On the first day of school, Sarah was in the same class as her which was really exciting. She also met a bully, Eric, who she did not like.
  • Climax
  • For the rising action 2, Eric (the bully) shoved Sarah into a puddle on purpose and made Sarah get all wet on her back area. Sarah was really mad at him and Christina thought she was getting to frustrated with him and made Christina a little mad.
  • Resolution
  • In the rising action 3, Sarah was in the hallway and decided to get revenge on Eric by putting larvae, from a recent project, in his sandwich for lunch. Sarah got caught and Christina eventually found out and was now really mad at her that she payed too much attention to that.
  • In the climax, Eric pushed Sarah while playing and Sarah thought she had sprained her ankle. Sarah did not want to make it a big deal since that's why Christina was mad at her. Christina was actually not mad and told her to tell the teacher because this was serious
  • In the end, Christina and Sarah became friends again. Christina taught Sarah some soccer skills and became very close friends. Thankfully, Eric stopped bothering Sarah.
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