Bustenai - 2
Updated: 3/11/2021
Bustenai - 2

Storyboard Text

  • The news of the king breaking his promise spread quickly...
  • Yes! What Chutzpah!
  • This demands rebellion!
  • Did you hear the news?
  • There was one man who did not like the idea of a rebellion. His name was Binyamin
  • Do not rebell! The time is not ripe. You will only endanger yourself.
  • Well, in short the Yidden rebelled but the rebellion was squashed and mar Huna killed himself to save all of the other Yidden who rebelled.
  • He was. Not satisfied with mar Huna being killed and he decided to kill all of Dovid Hamelech's defendants!
  • Sounds like the king was so evil!
  • A messenger arrived at mar Chanina's house.
  • Mar Chanina, not knowing that the king went back on his promise, the rebellion or mar Huna's death excepted the invitation.
  • Ok. We'll be there.
  • The king invites you with your family, cousins, etc.
  • Benyomin, realising that mar Huna's family was in danger, ran as fast as he can to the town where mar Huna lived.
  • Will I arrive to late? Only Hashem knows... I need to get to town as soon as possible!
  • Saddly, Binyamin arrived to late...
  • They all left a few minutes ago and went to the king's palace.
  • [Out of breath] Where is you father-in-law and his family?
  • Oh no!