Algal blooms and its effect on our health
Updated: 12/3/2020
Algal blooms and its effect on our health

Storyboard Text

  • Looks like all the fish in the water are sick aswell. What caused this?
  • Ew, is there an algal bloom in this lake? How did this happen?
  • Exactly Mr.s! Algal blooms can occur when excess fetilizer from fields run-off into nearby bodies of water. In the end, auquatic organisms that rely on oxygen suffocate and die
  • That's terrible! I know that the chemicals in fetilizers can negatively affect us aswell! I wonder if any scientist or orginization is working to solve this.
  • Dr.M, can't algal blooms occur when chemicals are flushed into lakes by rain?
  • Dont worry Mr.Singh! There are lots of scientists and orginizations researching in order to protect our lakes and oceans! In fact, there's a study being conducted right now in order to save Lake Erie! All this talk about fish and water is sure making my stomach growl.
  • Lets get fish and chips!
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