Tragic Hero - Story

Updated: 9/14/2020
Tragic Hero - Story

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tragic hero

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  • Anagnorsis
  • NO!
  • Hamartia
  • I will find them!
  • Peripeteia
  • Alan comes back home from work, and he makes a bad discovery as he finds out that his wife has been murdered.
  • Hubris
  • Alan's tragic flaw that leads to his downfall is that he wants revenge, and sets off to find his wife's killer; he does a lot of research online.
  • Catharsis
  • Alan experiences a reversal of fate and fortune as all his friends, and family abandons him as they say that he is crazy. Alan doesn't give up and keeps looking.
  • Nemesis
  • Alan has an extreme pride in finding his wife's killer and a complete disrespect for the natural order of the world. He finds his wife's killer and murders him as he loses control of his emotions.
  • The audience feels pity for Alan and fears for his life, but they realize that Alan could have avoided tragedy.
  • Alan meets his unavoidable fate as he is then chased by the police, and he gets cornered. Alan than shoots himself to escape the police, and then dies.