social studies

Updated: 7/9/2021
social studies

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Kari! how are you? everything is fine?
  • of course, let's go to my house
  • HI! I'm not feeling very well, I need to tell you something
  • I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! right now we are going to the police station to report him
  • I have to tell you that my husband physically abuses me, I need your help
  • YES! please help her
  • So ... thehusband has been abusing the lady for six months?
  • well ... we will help you we just need you to be calm
  • don't worry, everything will be fine, you'll see
  • I'm so scared, I don't know what will happen
  • I did nothing! get out of my house
  • you are detained for physical abuse!!!
  • I told you everything would be fine! I'm proud of you
  • don't worry, never keep things like this to yourself, raise your voice!
  • You were so supportive with me! all this is thanks to you. THANK YOU!