Noah-The Haymeadow

Updated: 1/17/2019
Noah-The Haymeadow

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Such a nice day!
  • Conflict
  • (howls)
  • Rising Action
  • (wimpers)
  • The story takes place in Wyoming.The book is set in the 1980,s. The characters are John,Father,Tink,Great grandfather,Cynthia,(Jenny,Pete,Peg,Billy-the dogs),Cawley,Emma,(Speck,Spud-the horses). . The Point-of-view is in first person.
  • Climax
  • The conflict is while John is taking care of the sheep the river floods and the coyotes attack. The type (character vs. nature) This is character vs. nature because the river flooding is a natural event.
  • Falling Action
  • Aahhhhhhh!
  • The coyote cut the dogs leg. John saves the dog.
  • Resolution
  • One of the sheep got bit by a rattlesnake. John had to kill the snake. After that john sucked the venom out of the sheep.The sheep was injured very badly. John overcame his fear of snakes to save the sheep.
  • Oh, No! There is a snake!
  • After the climax John got face to face with a bear in the middle of the pith back night. John defeated the bear with a rifle.
  • John completed his summer and only lost a few sheep. In order to do this John had to do many things to risk his life.
  • Good to be home