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Updated: 10/2/2018
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  • Jess: I know it is important and usually quite fun when we go on our runs but can we take a short because my feet are killing me.
  • Alice: okay, I get what you mean. my shoes aren't supportive at all.
  • Jess: at least your shoes look nice and suitable for running in
  • Alice: thanks, I guess. i wish they felt as great as they looked, how do other people do this. take Ben for instance I'm sure he's not in pain. he's got so many classes as well as his straining i doubt he has time for a job so how does he afford good shoes?
  • Alice: you know what I'm sick of this I am just going to go and ask him quickly so I can run in peace
  • Jess: okay go ahead tell Ben to come over here because i am going to get bored all by myself
  • Jess and Alice are on a run in the local park, they are taking a break from their work. Unfortunately they aren't enjoying their run because of the lack of support in their shoes.
  • Nate and Ben: Hi Jess, what's up? 
  • Alice: Hey guys, nothing much? Nate, Alice told me to tell you to go over to her and keep her company
  • Jess and Alice are discussing how they want supportive shoes that look good and how their friend Ben has good supportive shoes that look nice and must be affordable because he has a very busy study schedule so he doesn't have time for a job or works very little hours so he won't have much income.
  • Alice: I was wondering where you go your trainers from because i have been looking from some that look pretty nice as well as supportive but I need something that is also inexpensive
  • Ben: oh okay, i got it from an amazing shop that just released a new line of trainers, why don't we go tell the others
  • Alice and Jess are watching their friend, Nate and Ben, play football together and Alice decides she is going to go and ask Ben where he got his shoes from and Alice is going to talk to Nate while she waits
  • Ben and Alice: Hey guys, we're going to a new shop so we'll see you tomorrow
  • Nate and Jess: okay, see you tomorrow
  • Alice goes over to the guys and tells Nate to go over to Jess and he agrees and leaves Ben and Alice to talk.
  • Alice asks Ben about where he got his shoes from and ben suggests that they go and tell the others that they are leaving and show Alice the new line of shoes, Alice agrees to his idea
  • Alice and Ben tell Jess and Nate that they are going to the shoe shop and then leave.
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