Green Energy Comic
Updated: 12/10/2020
Green Energy Comic

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  • EWW! Look how much trash is in the ocean.
  • I know, it's awful! I wish there was something we could do about it.
  • And look at all of the dead animals that died from choking on our trash
  • I know, I wonder if we started recycling if there would be less trash on the beach and in the oceans.
  • Wow, look at these bins and all of the plastic and trash in them, except it is not in the ocean!
  • I know, the beach is so much cleaner now and all we had to do was recycle, that wasn't that hard!
  • Wow! Look how much cleaner the beach is compared to before, It MaKeS Me HaPpY InSiDe
  • Yeah, I wonder what kind of impact or pollution like this has on our environment?
  • Look how much smoke is coming out of that building and going into the air.
  • Uhh..Oh my. This place looks awful now, it used to look so much cooler when the trees were alive.
  • Yeah no joke, this pollution thing is no joke. The dirty air and dirty environment killed this whole forest of awful
  • Yeah definitely, we need to find a way to make less pollution so we can still have these beautiful places in the future.
  • Wow! This place looks so much cooler, and that is probably because it is far away from a lot of pollution.
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