Drew storyboard
Updated: 2/23/2021
Drew storyboard

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  • Well your media use could have a factor into that
  • I have been getting headaches after i have been on my phone or computer after a while
  • That is big data they are watching everything you like look up and they will take that info to try and get you to bye or install what they are advertising
  • Every time i look up something like 2 or 3 times I will get a add from that comes from that company or a add for something simmaller to what i looked up
  • I just tried to apply for a big tv station and they said that they could not hire me for something i posted in my past That i delleted
  • That is the power of digital foot print they can see what you have posted on social media even if you have deleted it they can use this info for seeing for a job application or even help or hurt in a investigasion
  • One of my friends had a picture of him doing a weird face and he sent the picture to his friend and then he sent it to his friend and now he gets bullied and made fun of for the picture
  • That is his social media life and then his friend just over shared .