Climate change
Updated: 7/24/2020
Climate change
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  • 1) Climate change is when there is a drastic change in both global and regional climate patterns
  • 3) Climate change used to be a natural phenomena that would take thousands of years to work. Volcanic activity and solar output both effect the climate.
  • 6) Since the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes heat to rise in it, this in turn has caused a mostly warming climate change.
  • 2) For example, climate change can cause it to rain in the desert or drought an area where it's not common.
  • 4) However, this rate of climate change has risen sharply as a result of industrialization. In particular factories & power plants that burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gas into the air. 
  • 5) These gasses and byproducts get stuck in the atmosphere causing it to severely heat up.
  • 7) This mass heating melts glacier caps and Arctic climates, affecting its communities and oceans. These changes can cause an unpleasant long term affect than can't be undone and is why Climate chance is a serious subject to discuss.
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