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The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 10/8/2020
The Most Dangerous Game
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  • While smoking a cigar, Rainsford hears a gunshot. As he was leaning over the edge of the boat, he loses his balance and falls overboard. he is left to swim to shore.
  • “It’s so dark that I could sleep without closing my eyes; the night would be my eyelids.”
  • Rainsford stumbles across a castle and goes to the front door. He knocks and is greeted by Ivan, who has a revolver. Zaroff shows up and invites him in politely.
  • “I’m Sanger Rainsford of New York City, I fell off my yacht, I’m hungry.”
  • Rainsford asks Zaroff to be escorted off the island before the end of the day. Zaroff is surprised by this but then announces to Rainsford that they will hunt together.
  • “Tonight, we will hunt - you and I.”
  • After leaving a long trail for Zaroff to follow, Rainsford takes shelter in a tree. Zaroff ends up finding him and blows a smoke ring to Rainsford, sparing him.
  • “I have played the fox, now I must play the fable.”
  • Rainsford knows that Zaroff and Ivan will catch up to him soon so he prepares a trap. It succeeds in killing Ivan. Zaroff keeps on chasing Rainsford, ignoring Ivan's wound.
  • “Nerve, nerve, nerve!”
  • Zaroff, who thinks Rainsford is dead, is shocked to see him in his room. They end up fighting and Rainsford wins, sleeping where Zaroff normally would.
  • “Splendid! One of us is to furnish a repast for the hounds. The other will sleep in this very excellent bed. On guard, Rainsford.”
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