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Romeo & Juliet
Updated: 3/26/2020
Romeo & Juliet
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  • Act 4, Scene 3
  • Act 4, Scene 5
  • Act 5, Scene 1
  • After Nurse and Lady Capulet help Juliet prepare for the wedding and getting her clothes ready, Juliet finally takes the potion, beginning the plan.
  • Act 5, Scene 2
  • Nurse attempts to wake up Juliet for her wedding day, but as the young girl doesn't move, Nurse thinks she's dead. Her parents and Paris are devastated, and the day that was supposed to be a wedding became a funeral.
  • Act 5, Scene 3
  • Balthasar informs Romeo about the bad news, Juliet's death, and Romeo orders his servant to give a letter to Montague. He then travels to the apothecary in hopes of buying poison to kill himself.
  • Act 5, Scene 3
  • Friar John goes to Friar Lawrence, explaining that Romeo didn't end up receiving his letter. Friar Lawrence plans to bring Juliet to his cell until Romeo shows up when she wakes.
  • Paris goes to Juliet's grave to visit her, but encounters Romeo instead. He recognizes Romeo as the man who killed Tybalt, and instantly draws his sword on him. After killing him, Romeo breaks inside the tomb to see Juliet.
  • After seeing Juliet, Romeo kills himself with the poison from the apothecary. Once Juliet wakes up and discovers her love dead beside her, she stabs herself with a dagger. Their deaths do end the feud between their families however.
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