athens vs sparta
Updated: 4/9/2021
athens vs sparta

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  • the Assembaly
  • the concil
  • the court
  • The goverment in Athens was a Democracy.In athens govement there where three groups, The assembly,the courts, and the concil.the concil was 500 men over the age of 18 who where citizens. The courts where dissoins made by majority. And the assembaly was men who where citzens speaking there mind and doing things like casting votes.
  • The concil of elders
  • Woman in athens really only did the cooking cleaning. Woman in Athens had no say in political matters. Women in Athens where to do there duties in the house and to take care of the children. Girls in Athens did not get educated instead where touaght how to cook, clean and take care of a home.
  • In Athens trading was a big part of their economy. They traded with manily city states but ocasinally would trade with frogin places. Trading was such a big part of athens economy because they relied on it for there basic needs and reasoures. In the economy of athens coins of silver, gold and bronze as currency
  • Like athens sparta had an assembly but this assembly had way less power then the one in athens.In sparta the people of power where the concil of elders. this concil consited of two kings and 28 men. this form of goverment is called an oligarcy.
  • The assembaly
  • wkjwoman in sparta were treated about the same as woman in athens were, but in sparta they had a few rights. In sparta women could mange and own proberty. They still had to do the cooking and cleaning for morgority of their time. Young girls along with learning the skills to take care a home they where tranied to become warriors. women in sparta where thought of as the last line of defense as sparta was such a big war city-state.
  • In sparta they did not believe in trade. Instead of trading for there resources they made all their own. But even through there efforts they could not supply all there needs, so they would conqour other taritory and take their resources. in the economy of sparta iron rods where used as currency.