Yasmeen's 6th grade personal Narrative Diolog
Updated: 2/4/2020
Yasmeen's 6th grade personal Narrative Diolog

Storyboard Text

  • "Where's Kinda!?"said Nathalia
  • "Calm down I'm sure she is at the cabin," I said.
  • "Oh, were going to die I want my parents!"Nathaila and Katie said while freaking out.
  • (This is the Scene : right now we are walking to our cabin in a realitively big thunder storm there just was a big flash of lightning that lit up the sky and my cabin mates are freaking out.)
  • "Guys were almost to the cabin its not the end of the world."I said trying to calm them down
  • "Kinda we want to go home!"Nathalia and Katie said
  • They're that scared of thunderstorms, they would freak if they went to Oklahoma in March
  • "Calm down everything will be alright."said Kinda