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The Black Cat
Updated: 10/16/2019
The Black Cat
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By: Edgar Allen Poe

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  • Mrow?
  • Ever since I was a child, I have loved animals. When I got married, my wife got me many of the best kind. Pluto, a black cat, was always my favorite however.
  • I love you!
  • One night, I came home very drunk and fancied the idea that the cat was avoiding me. I took him and he scratched me! Thereupon, I grasped my pocket-knife and pried out one of the eyes of the beast! Afterwords, I felt much grief, but the cat avoided me like the plague.
  • Don't get in my way!
  • Another day, I made up my mind to finish what I had previously started. I took hold of the cat and hung it on a noose in the yard.
  • Umm, sir? What's this?
  • YOU!
  • YOU!
  • The night after, I was rudely awakened by the yelling of fire. It was with great difficulty that my wife and I escaped from the leaping flames. After this, I started drinking more. One day at the bar, I found a strange cat that looked like Pluto. I took it home with me, as the barkeeper had never seen it before. It was only after this, when I was not drunk, that I realized this cat, too, was missing an eye.
  • My wife and I had been condemned to a little shack, nothing we were used to. The new cat looked almost exactly like Pluto, the only difference being a white patch on his chest in the shape of the gallows! The cat adored me, always trying to be near me. One day, when going down the stairs, he went in between my legs and I grasped an axe to destroy the beast! My wife stopped me and I implanted the axe in her head.
  • I decided to wall her up it the old chimney. The cat had disappeared. After four days, the police came. In a frenzy to say something, I tapped the wall to prove its strength and was answered by a hideous wail! The police immediately struck down the wall! All at once we were struck by the horrible sight of my rotting wife and the beast! The beast with a bloody, dripping mouth and glowing red eyes! My nightmare had come true!
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