Snow Apocalpse

Updated: 10/1/2021
Snow Apocalpse

Storyboard Text

  • It is Febuary 2020 in Pflugerville Texas
  • Yeah bro I heard that there is just gonna be a tiny bit of snow nothing more.
  • Bro, Did you hear about the huge storm coming in? it is supposed to snow.
  • Alrighty well i am gonna head to bed and see what this big storm is all about.
  • Night Man
  • So our power just went out and the roads are all frozen over so all we can really do is just be in the house and not do much.
  • Later That Night
  • Woah What the heck the ground is legit frozen and full of snow.
  • Yeah bro this storm was bigger than we expected, lets boil some water and put it outside so we can have something to drink.
  • Later That day
  • I Dont know bro, we might have to get a generator so we can have some heat and power.
  • Bro, i am legit freezing, the AC is off and we cant even turn the heater on, how worse can this get?