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Updated: 4/15/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I'm so ready for each of our families to finally meet!!!And ya'll finally get to meet Jayden!
  • We're so ready to meet them too!
  • Hi guys it's so nice to finally meet ya'll. I'm Jessica and this is Issac my husband and as you probably know my son Jayden. We're from brookyln.
  • Nice to meet you
  • I'm Jessica and this is my husband Liam and my daughter Victoria and as you can tell we live in the upper east area of Manhattan.
  • I agree with what you're saying.
  • I just think they should end it tonight. I don't want our daughter hanging around a boy like him.
  • THE NEXT DAY, BEFORE THE DINNERThey are talking about how ready and happy they are for both of the families to finally met.
  • The families finally get to meet each other. But when Jaydens mother said that they were from Brooklyn which is mostly where poor people live she got caught off guard.
  • Liam and Jessica go into the room away from everybody else to discuss that they don't think Jayden is a good influence on their daughter because he is poor. And that they should break it up tonight.
  • Liam and Jessica tell them that Victoria and Jayden should end it because they don't want her dating a poor boy who can't offer her nothing in life. And Jaydens parents get mad saying that everything isn't about money all the time but they would never understand that because all that they see in people is money and their status.