Updated: 5/22/2020

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  • The Journey of Natural Selection
  • By: Bryce J. Lind
  • Let's meet our character for this fun journey through the wonder that is Natural Selection!
  • We're the Frog Brothers; Jimmy, Kevin, and Ross!
  • I'm Hooty the Owl, and I'm always craving some frogs!
  • Jimmy and Ross are gonna have their hands full, as they can be more easily spotted by Hooty the Owl, while Kevin can go on to help have more baby frogs!
  • Oh no!
  • Well, I guess I'm lucky.
  • Here I come!
  • Oh my!
  • But Kevin has to be aware, because his sweetheart could overpopulate, and their may not be enough room for all of the frog babies!
  • We're gonna need a bigger plain!
  • Some of these baby frogs can have varing traits, like different eye colors. We call this genetic variation!
  • These traits can help Kevin's babies avoid becoming apart of selection, and stay alive!
  • Aw rats, no frogs are here! I guess I'll come back another time....