Stone Age Food Supply
Updated: 11/13/2020
Stone Age Food Supply

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  • Stone Age Food Supply, Paleolithic vs Neolithic
  • I love being able to grow my own crops, instead of searching for nuts.
  • Stone age Shelter, Paleolithic vs Neolithic
  • Thinks of ways to improve my home.
  • Stone age Jobs, Paleolithic vs Neolithic
  • I am so tired of hunting everyday, its not safe
  • The stone age started with the paleolithic age where people couldn´t settle down in one place. They had to stay nomadic in order to find food, and hunt. In the Neolithic age people eventually learned to grow crops, and domesticate animals.
  • During the Paleolithic age people never had permanent homes, and had to follow animals to hunt, and find wild wants. But, in the Neolithic age people discovered that they could build homes, and grow crops with seeds, and stopped being nomadic.
  • In the Paleolithic age there was hunting and gathering, but in the Neolithic age, there was farmers, hunters, weavers, basket makers, toolmakers, and traders.
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