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Updated: 2/10/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Native Americans at home.
  • United States sends troops
  • Fighting back
  • The Seminole Native Americans living in Florida and all fine until the United States government wanted to kick them out and take their land.
  • Getting Tricked
  • The United States government sent troops into the Samuels territory to moves them to Oklahoma so they could have to have their land
  • Getting to sent oklahoma
  • The Seminole decided to fight back and some of them kept their land but some of them still got taken to away
  • Being Recognized
  • After they won the United States offered a peace treaty but took their leader, Osceala and arrested him, he died in prison
  • After that they forced many Seminole people to go to Oklahoma and do the Native American land
  • Two groups still stayed in Florida and the whole tribe was recognized by the US government in 1957 as the Seminole Tribe of Florida.