Unknown Story
Updated: 2/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Douglass experiences the loss of his mother. He was not sad, nor a grievous process. The feeling was more indifference... Douglass was not able to visit his mother when she died. Before her death, Douglass had become much estranged to his mother because of the masters.
  • Douglass endures the shrieks of his aunt, who is baring the devastating whip. She is punished for meeting Ned, whom she was forbidden to see, but was caught seeing.
  • Douglass hears word he is to go to Baltimore. He was become more presentable and clean himself before his arrival.
  • Douglass arrives at the family residence where he meets the family. He meets Thomas, whom he is instructed to take care of and attend.
  • Douglass begins working outside of the home and making a small living for himself. He is a hard working who bends backwards to earn just a small amount of income after paying his master.
  • Douglass escapes to New York, a northern, free state where he finally is able to live free. He is overwhelmed with gratitude and joyousness as he is no longer a slave.