the story of the stolen gum

Updated: 10/27/2020
the story of the stolen gum

Storyboard Text

  • I dont know dude i don't think thats a good idea
  • I think you should go steal a pack of gum from the store behind us
  • this is deffinently a de-stress
  • whatever I'll do it i guess
  • ya I thought you would have wanted to it makes you cool if you do
  • obviacly yo bud go,go,go
  • yo your actually doing it ok.
  • storeclerkhey get back here
  • whoo,whoo hey get back here
  • Im sorry it wasnt my fault i was pressured into it.
  • you got no where to go now bud your being arrested for theft
  • can i just say my reasoning i did it because my freind said i would be cool
  • thats no reasoning