Westward expansion-JohnathanBillings

Updated: 5/8/2020
Westward expansion-JohnathanBillings

Storyboard Text

  • We know they way through the trails
  • Mountain Men in Oregon Country
  • Come with us
  • The Oregon Trail
  • rough terrain
  • Manifest Destiny
  • It was our destiny to travel
  • Mountain Men were people that lived off land and showed people the way to Oregon trail.
  • Mexican-American War
  • You cant be here, You need to leave or we will have issues!
  • This is US territory
  • The Oregon trail was a long trail that thousands would travel but most would die from diseases ext.
  • Mormons in Utah
  • Americans thought it was there destiny to move west and expand.
  • California Gold Rush
  • The American people wanted Mexico but they wouldn't give up and they went to war.
  • They built a settlement that attracted thousands of people to Utah
  • This is were we will settle
  • Gold was found in California and it became a big thing and very popular.
  • There's GOLD!!!