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Charlie Kalapati - 7th Grade by Gary Soto
Updated: 9/10/2020
Charlie Kalapati - 7th Grade by Gary Soto
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  • 7th Grade
  • By Gary SotoComic by Charlie Kalapati
  • Victor is the protagonist in 7th Grade. Victor is a Hispanic boy who is very desperate and courageous sometimes. The secondary characters are Theresa, Michael, and Mr. Bueller. The story takes place at Victor's school. Two quotes that describe the exposition are, "Teresa is going to be my girl this year", and "He ran into his friend, Michael Torres by the water fountain that never turned off ... They talked about recent movies, baseball, their parents, and the horrors of picking grapes".
  • Seriously Michael?
  • *scowls*
  • Exposition
  • The conflict of 7th Grade is Victor is trying to get Teresa's attention and for her and him to become together. In the scene above, Victor "lingered, keeping his head down and staring at his desk. He wanted to leave when she did so he could bump into her and say something clever". He also saw her while he was eating lunch and found her "sitting with a girlfriend under a plum tree. Victor moved to the table near her...".
  • Rising Action
  • Victor has to make a choice here - should he raise his hand to impress Teresa or not raise his hand since he doesn't know French. The secondary characters are Mr. Bueller and Teresa. Teresa's role in the climax is to be there to give Victor a motive to raise his hand. Mr. Bueller's role is to ask Victor a question in French. "Mr. Bueller asked if anyone knew French. Victor raised his hand, wanting to impress Teresa. The teacher beamed and said "Tres bien. Parlez-vous francais?"". "He tried to bluff his way out by making noises that sound French".
  • Parlez-vous francais?
  • La me vave me con le grandma
  • Mr. Bueller's French Class!
  • Climax
  • I am so dumb. Teresa saw me bluff and now she think of me as a cheat.
  • Victor feels really embarrassed by what he did in front of the class, and Teresa's thoughts on him changed as a result of the climax. "Victor was too weak from failure to join the class. He stared at the board and wished he had taken Spanish, not French". "He had never been so embarrassed".
  • le pere de Charlie parle francais
  • Falling Action
  • There is a sense of completion to this story since Victor now has a lot of time with Teresa, which was his main goal, and it got resolved since he is now going to spend more time with Teresa and she is going to get to know him better and maybe like him. Victor's courage has changed as well as his urge to get time with Teresa, it is now a bit calmer and he is more courageous to stand up and do stupid things. Victor is still best friends with Michael, and still goes to the same school. "Teresa asked him if he would help her with her French." Victor "was going to like seventh grade".
  • YES!
  • I didn't know you speak French!
  • Resolution
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