through the tunnel
Updated: 3/12/2020
through the tunnel

Storyboard Text

  • Be careful of sharp rocks
  • Jerry and his mom get to the beach for their holiday vacation. Jerry asks to visit a new beach by the rocks. She is hesitant, but ends up letting him explore on his own.
  • Don't do anything dangerous!
  • Jerry sees other boys and tries to join them. They can go under the water for up to 2 minutes. They end up ditching him.
  • I want to be like them
  • While following the boys Jerry finds a tunnel, but doesn't have enough stamina to go into it.
  • By the time I leave, I want to go through this tunnel.
  • After practicing day after day, Jerry gets so close to his goal. He begs his mom for goggles to see better under the water
  • This is getting serious!
  • Jerry goes through the tunnel on the last day of his vacation. his goggles fill with blood and he nealy runs out of breath. Jerry almost risks his life and doesn't survive.
  • I shouldn't have been so risky
  • Jerry's mom was oblivious to what he was putting himself through. They left the beach and went home, both learning valuable life lessons.