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Oregon Journey
Updated: 3/28/2019
Oregon Journey
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  • Hi,my name is Kenni,this is my family Aubrey,Jordan,and Lexi. We live in Independence,Missouri. I'm going to tell you about our journey through Oregon.
  • Introduce the Family
  • I'm Lexi and this is Jordan!
  • I'm Aubrey!
  • We started the trail nice and easy,we had to trade 100 pnds of food to get medicine, but nobody had one so my sister,jordan died!
  • Health
  • After that,we came upon a river,and our wagon tipped,my sister,Lexi,drowned and we lost some supplies.
  • River Crossing
  • We had to stop for food,and we shot 200 pound buffalo,we also traded with indians,they were really nice they wanted new clothes so we traded clothes for a horse!
  • Hunting
  • We had lots of supplies at the end of our journey like 3 rifles,15 bullets,1 horse,set of clothing, and a hammer and a linchpin.
  • Supplies
  • When we finally made it to Oregon,we celebrated,and we regreted the things we did like not buying a certian tool anyway we had lots of fun.
  • Journeys End
  • We made it to Oregon!
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