Updated: 8/27/2018
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  • Exposition
  • Turning Point
  • Rising Action
  • Whitney & Rainsford are on a yacht to Rio where they will hunt Jaguars. Then Whitney and Rainsford talk of a strange island on the left. Whitney goes to sleep and Rainsford stays by the deck, after hearing .22 shots from the island.
  • Climax
  • Rainsford drops his pipe and falls in the ocean trying to ge it. Rainsford barely makes it to the island and is left by the boat. Tired, and stranded on the island, Rainsford sleeps on the shore.
  • Falling Action
  • Rainsford awakes from his sleep and sees a big spot where a beast would be and question why it was killed with a .22. He then sees a chateau in the distance, and makes his way to the large building where he comes face to face face with Ivan. Then General Zaroff greets him and explain everything to Rainsord
  • Resolution
  • Zaroff explains that he himself is also a hunter and is fascinated by the hunt. As he talks he tells of how the hunt is boring until he found a new way to have hunting exhilarating, he hunts people. Rainsford completely disagrees with the fact that it is okay to hunt people, but is forced to play the twisted game if he wants to get off the island.
  • Rainsford goes through the forest and tries to survive for the next three days. He survives the first two nights by hiding and setting traps. On the last night he kills Ivan by dropping a tree on him and jumps into the ocean.
  • Rainsford sneaks into Zaroff's room and surprise him by jumping out of the corner. Surprised, Zaroff says that one of them will have to be fed to the dogs and the other wll be sleepng in a comfortable bed. Rainsford decides that he wants the bed. En garde.
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