Greek mythology
Updated: 11/13/2020
Greek mythology

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  • Psyche and Eros
  • Phyche was born a mortal into a family of royalty
  • Men from all over would come to see her beauty, they even stopped going to Aphrodite's temple who was the most beautiful goddess at the time
  • Aphrodite sent her son who was the god of love to make psyche fall in love with the ugliest men and creatures in the mortal realm so the men would come back to warship her.
  • When Eros saw psyche, he couldn't follow through with his intensions. Instead he made her fall in love with her
  • Eros kidnapped her, married her, and gave her a house that would belong to a god or goddess. She lived there for the rest of her and never left cause she was connected to eros by love; Eros calm voice would speak to her while she was in the house even though could never see his face which kept her in the house.