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Updated: 3/26/2021
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  • Francis Marian
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • He was a leader of a group of colonists. He taught his men to use guerrilla tactics. They snuck up on large British troops attacked quickly and ran away to hid in the swamps. The British called him the ''Swamp Fox" His character strength is Creativity because he came up with new ways to fight.
  • King George lll
  • He served for several years as a American representative in Britain. But when his efforts failed him, he was devoted to the cause of independence with his friend John Adams. Franklin was a key leader to the United States, he also helped write the Declaration of Independence.
  • Lord North
  • He is a great reader of the Revolution. 1774 he wrote "A Summary View of the Rights of British America''. Two years later Jefferson was chosen to author the Declaration of Independence. From 1779 to 1791, he served at Virginia's governor. From 1801 to 1809 served to be the third president.
  • Edmund Burke
  • King George lll took the throne years later before the French and Indian war (1754-1763). When the Revolutionary War erupted, the king sent in troops and refused to compromise with colonists. Through 1760 and 1770, he pressed his prime minister to create new taxes for the colonist.
  • He served as prime minister of Great Britain during the Revolutionary War. In January 1775 he offered a compromise, But it was too late, In April the first shots war fired. North went unhappy as war dragged along. Tried to resign as prime minister several times. King George decided to finally accept Noah's resignation in 1782.