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Updated: 3/3/2021
Computer Apps

Storyboard Text

  • Jack was walking down the hall at the end of the day when he saw a post from Averie
  • How could you say that about me?
  • Could you guys help me because Averie is bulling me
  • Jack got home and was going to tell his parents about the cyber bulling
  • I still can't believe this
  • Jack got on his phone again and saw more mean posts by the bully Averie
  • Jack is at school the next day and he is asking his friends Luke, and John for some help
  • I will help.
  • Of course
  • John being the upstander he is defended Jack while Luke just stood there watching even though he was supposed to help stand up for him.
  • You have to stop cyber bulling Jack it is not nice
  • ...
  • Fine whatever I will stop
  • Jack and John were mad at Luke for not helping Jack so Luke was not their friends anymore and Jack and John never got bullied again
  • That was not nice Luke you said you would help but you just stood there as a bystander
  • Ya that is just not cool.