Updated: 11/9/2018
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  • #1Freedom of Speech
  • That movie sucks!
  • You can think what you want but i loved it!
  • #1Freedom of Religion
  • Im soooo glad im a atheist!
  • Hey wanna hang out tomorow?
  • I cant I have church.
  • #4Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
  • Hey let me go through your phone bro!
  • No way! And i dont have to eather, plus i have so really bad selfies on there.
  • HaHAHa
  • This means that your aloud to say what you want and have your own opinion.
  • #8No cruel or unusual punishments
  • I sentance you to dieing alone.
  • Thit lets you chose any religion.
  • #10States Rights
  • Lets make proposition 1 one legal or itll be a diaster!
  • This lets no one go in you stuff unless there is probable cause.
  • #9cConstitunal rights do not deny other rights
  • This is pertty self expanitory and means there cant be any cruel/unsual punishments.
  • You cant do that! But lets face it, it was gonna happen anyway!
  • This means the state have a chose on things as long as it abids by the other rules.
  • Ok,thats fine.
  • No way! That wont be happining in our state.
  • Ill talk it over with my state.
  • This means you can do what you want as long as its not bad or ilegal.
  • No one said i coundnt biuld a wall.
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