Comic Strip POBF
Updated: 1/14/2021
Comic Strip POBF

Storyboard Text

  • Ring... Ring... Ri...Hello this is Tim Robinson from American Airlines, how may I assist you?
  • Hi Tim, this is Rob Johnson. I recently flew on one of your airlines to New York and received bad customer service.
  • I am sorry to hear that Mr. Johnson. Could you please describe the troubles you had when flying with us?
  • On my flight to New York I received very poor customer service. The ticket counter got my information wrong and made me late for my flight. Also, the stewardesses were very rude.
  • I understand and I apologize for the inconveniences and poor service. We will refund you some of the money and make sure that it never happens again. Would you also like a 25 percent discount off your next flight with us?
  • Thank you very much Tim; and yes, I would much enjoy a discount off my next flight. Thank you for handling this very professionally.