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Danger zone
Updated: 9/28/2020
Danger zone
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  • In this image this is a danger zone because theirs a mess on the floor, water spilled, toys on the counter where there is a burning eye and chocolate on the floor that can kill a dog. paper next to the burning eye and the oven is open it has cookies and doughnuts in it. The girl is standing on the counter trying to get the cat she could fall and brake a bone. and the refrigerator is open which causes spoiled foods.
  • The girl falls and causes a mess. The everything in the refrigerator falls spills on the floor, he boiling pot causes more smoke. The cookies catch on fire because the oven fire is getting bigger and the paper burns because of the candle. The water and drink that spilled gets on the computer and ruins it. And the girl hits her head and passes out and also hurts her back by falling on it.
  • This is is not a danger zone. The oven is closed baking the cookies. The refrigerator is not open so no spoiled foods. No ruining water making it slippery and the phone isn't so close to the sink. The pot was on and nobody was watching it so it could of caused a fire and so could the burning eye. moved the paper to somewhere it can not cause a fire. The floor is clean so no tripping hazards or bugs.
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