Chapter 13, 14
Updated: 2/12/2021
Chapter 13, 14

Storyboard Text

  • Charlotte working hard in night to weave the letters in her web before the morning, while other animals are slept.
  • I should weave the word in double lines with dry thread so that no bug can stick and spoil the effect...
  • Next morning, they see the word 'TERRIFIC' in the web and soon many people gathered around to see the pig.
  • Zuckerman's Famous Pig.
  • I want to take our terrific pig to the country fair. Make a crate with golden letters.
  • What should they say?
  • Looking for another word....
  • What about 'RADIANT' then?
  • We have to save him not kill him!
  • I need your help to find another word for Wilbur.
  • What about 'CRUNCHY'?
  • Charlotte wants to see if Wilbur is radiant or not...
  • You are really a radiant pig Wilbur!Now you can go to sleep again.
  • Hey Wilbur, run around, then jump into the air and do a backflip!
  • Here I go!
  • Mrs. Arable worries about Fern. Hence she reaches Dr. Dorian
  • Doctor, Fern spends most of her time at the barn watching the animals
  • She doesn't even play with her friends
  • And last night, she told me a story about a spider who caught a fish in its web. Isn't it annoying doctor?
  • Mrs. Arable feels better after having conversation with doctor
  • Children pay better attention than grown ups and they have great imagination power.
  • If she says animals can talk, then I can readily believe it, even though I haven't seen one.
  • Thank you very much doctor.
  • There's nothing to worry about Fern Mrs. Arable.