ASIAD comic remake.

Updated: 3/30/2021
ASIAD comic remake.

Storyboard Text

  • Will it happen today, Will it ?
  • See for yourself !
  • William!
  • You did not make that poem!
  • Yes I did
  • Let me out!!!
  • NO!!!!
  • ‘“Do the scientists really know? Will it happen today, will it?”’ (Pg. 1 C.1)
  • “‘Aw, you didn’t write that!” Protested one of the boys.“I did,” said Margot. “I did.”“William!” said the teacher.”’ (Pg. 1 C.2)
  • She’s still in the closet.
  • “‘Hey, everyone, lets put her in a closet before the teacher comes !’”(Pg. 3 C.1)
  • Thank you!
  • Sorry we’ll let you out
  • “The sun came out.It was the color of flaming bronze and it was very large.” (Pg. 3 C.2)
  • “‘She’s still in the closet where we locked her.”“Margot”’ (Pg. 4 C.2)
  • “Behind the closet door was only silence.They unlocked the door, even more slowly, and let Margot out.” (Pg. 4 C.2)