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Updated: 9/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Hunger Games
  • Socialist People's State
  • In this country democracy is growing, a great example of this is the one we are precensing, the president is sending all the young people to elect those who will die for "fun" of others.
  • President speaking to the public making sure he have enough securitie if anyon tries to attak.
  • Talking with Effie Trinket and explaining to them everything that they are going to do and what is going to happen, how they are going to behave and that they always have to give a good image to others
  • Someone making sure that everything they show is completly good even do is really bad.
  • The president talking to the superiors and his loyal supporters to be sure everything is al right and nothing goes wrong, ot even to go out of the country.
  • People protesting because of the injustce and all the "torture" the president and the whole upper-class made them, and the Underprivileged of ot letting them be with other coustries.
  • The REAL event of The Hunger Games