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Truce #2
Updated: 3/4/2019
Truce #2
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  • #2
  • Olivia Bagron
  • Text Structure- Description
  • "In some areas of the front lines, more than just songs were shared. 'We were so close,' seventeen-year-old Albert Moren noted in a letter to his parents in London, 'we threw tins of bully beef over to them or jam or biscuits and and they threw things back. It wasn't done regularly, just an occasional sort of thing'" (49)
  • Signposts- Numbers & Stats
  • "'Something must happen soon. The situation seems absurd - 2 huge armies sitting & watching each other like this.'" (45)
  • Truce by Jim Murphy
  • Mindset- Persist with Failures
  • Although the 2 countries were at war, they still were friendly with one another. With friendly exchanges to singing together, the men started to think that these people weren't as bad as they were told.
  • To persist, they started to have friendly exchanges with the enemy. They all were at war but maybe it wasn't turning out as bad as people thought.
  • Summary- Headline & 3-2-1
  • Finally Have a Surrender!
  • This number is showing that there were lots of people were standing face to face and in a war. Yet they weren't killing each other right off the bat.
  • Questions
  • Believing that the other county wasn't so bad, they started to loose interest in killing and fighting them. Maybe they had a heart, just nobody cared enough to start looking for it.
  • Persist when there's no hope- Determination to keep the enemy out- Living life to the fullest- Be what you want to be- Stay true to yourself and others will start to see it too
  • The Germans wanted to fight the french and the allies. As the war drew on the armies were growing friendly and the allies are thinking that they might actually win this war after all. The captain ordered an attack and told the local papers that it was a complete success when there were about 400 casualties.
  • Also, Congreve noted that the poor boys were a little better than murdered but yet he wasn't telling people. Why would the captain sit and watch while he ordered men to go and get killed and not help at all?
  • Is there another solution to win the war besides just sending men to their deaths across No Mans Land?
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