The Cat and The Moon first issue

Updated: 6/2/2020
The Cat and The Moon first issue

Storyboard Description

there's a war going on between the dogs and cats, but actually the sole guards and Luna guards. the sun and moon have been at war since the eclipse! this is the first issue of the cat and the moon!

Storyboard Text

  • a few hours later...
  • oh no, the sole guards
  • hey, aren't those luna guards?
  • i dont know, i think they're weak
  • a few hours later...
  • soleo, you know we can't take them on. the sun isn't high enough
  • Oh No!
  • well, now ya see maya, it's high noon now. we've got a few hours to use our powers.
  • oh, look who finally showed up!
  • c'mon. we need to get to the temple starla. its a full moon and luna doesnt like waiting.
  • no! luna! the constell twins! noo!