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The Valiant Little Tailor By: The Brothers Grimm
Updated: 8/21/2020
The Valiant Little Tailor  By: The Brothers Grimm
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  • What are you doing here you evil little flys?
  • If I can knock down seven with one hit, I can do anything!
  • How is he not scared?
  • There once was a tailor who was very poor and small.
  • Let’s go!
  • I’m out of here!
  • I know how I can trick them!
  • One day a woman came to give him bread. But flys came. He swatted them all down at once and he felt this as a great accomplishment.
  • When they all hit the ground at once, he thought that he was the greatest man in history. He boasted about being so strong for the whole day.
  • So he spent the whole day traveling and facing great dangers. Everybody was convinced that he was a warrior, but really he was just reading between the lines and using his cleverness to defeat the difficult tasks.
  • But soon after all of his schemes were finished, somebody figured out that the tailor was only talking about flys. They called him out for his vicious lies about not being a warrior, so they took him to the king.
  • The king instead of being upset, stepped down from the throne and everyone, except for th knights, were happy. They were all admired by his confidence in completing the journey, even though he wasn’t st a knight. All he did was think outside the box.
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