Updated: 10/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I'm tired and you ?
  • Because, I traveled all the night.
  • Hi Melani!!
  • I'm very happy
  • Why?
  • Hello Stefy!! How are you ?
  • Did you have a good journey?
  • Where did you travel ?
  • GREAT!
  • I traveled to Cuenca to visit my grandparents.
  • Yes, I did
  • Why are you very happy?
  • What did you do with your family there ?
  • Oh, It's awesome.
  • I love fishing that's why my father told me Melanie "We are going to camp".
  • Because I went to camping with my family
  • And Why did you travel?
  • Where do they live ?
  • They are living in the countryside
  • Because I visited my grandparents.
  • What did you do there ?
  • I saw a lot of animals on my grandparents farm, then I walked near the river, Finally I collected some flowers for my grandma.
  • Really? Oh, that's so cute.
  • Ok Stefy, If We can travel the next holiday. I am going to teach you fishing.
  • Good bye Stefy
  • Yes, It was really cool as your family camp. You have to teach me fishing.
  • Thanks a lot. I have to go, See you later.