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Updated: 2/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Are you ok sir
  • thousands of years ago around 563 b.c. his father ruled a kingdom in what is now called Nepal. According to legends a fortune teller predicted two possible futures fro the young prince. dharma father tried to guide his son to be king.
  • Siddhartha was raised in wealth of luxuries. As Siddhartha grew up, his father protected him from everything unpleasant. Siddhartha married, and he and his wife had a son.
  • legends say Siddhartha was 29, when he went out of the palace with no guards .Siddhartha was terrified fro the man who died . Siddhartha told everyone about the mans death and they all where very sad.
  • The ounce-protected prince searched for the truth about life suffering death. He began his search with Hindu guards , they taught him that life was and endless cycle. The gurus also taught that there was a path to salvation
  • As his strength returned,siddhartha renewed his search.Siddhartha didn’t leave a seat for 49 days until he realized the truth. He entered a new life free of desire and suffering
  • The Buddha had freed himself From the cycle of rebirth and suffering. For 45 years, the Buddha traveled across India preaching a message of truth. He trained many followers, he died at age 80.