saving bert
Updated: 1/19/2021
saving bert

Storyboard Text

  • hi i'm bert, can you help me photosynthesize? photosynthesis is important to the earth because it is the number one source of oxygen!
  • i mean i guess? to be honest i don't know what that means??
  • ok, well first step, lets get out of here!
  • is this better?
  • yes! just what i need...sunlight and fresh carbon dioxide!
  • chloroplast
  • i'm very thirsty, could you get some water for me?
  • how are you feeling? do you need anything else?
  • WATER!!!!
  • water
  • sunlight
  • o2
  • lightreaction
  • ATPandNADPH2
  • NADP+andADP + P
  • co2
  • calvincycle
  • sugar
  • wow! but how will i remember all this?
  • from my simple chemical equation...6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2
  • and that is my story and how i ended up here!