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civil war
Updated: 11/21/2019
civil war
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  • Introduction
  • hi my name is chase today we will be talk about the Civil war
  • Cause of the War
  • This is one of many house for slaves on a plantain
  • start of the war
  • this is where the war all began at fort Sumter
  • The Civil war was one of the most important war in US History.One of the resins is it goth ride of slavery in the US and it mad the north and the south not countable whit one anteater.
  • Union war Efforts
  • one of the resin the civil war was fought is slavery. in uncle tome cabin was when in the north the people realist what was gowning on.
  • Confederacy war Efforts
  • now we will be talking about the confederacy
  • the start of the war was all cost by the south capserd the fort. this was the last sch row in the start of the civil war.
  • Legacy of the War
  • The union war efforts where at fires they where just joking Aron. But they had to get sires the resin is they had bin losing the at first of the war affter sufering some big loes. there sgarty was to block the ports so they cued block trad off.
  • now we will be talking about the union war efforts
  • the confederacy was wining the war at first it was there grate generals. Like stow wall jaskin and meney uters but in the end the union was ablle to win the war.
  • the legacy of the war is it end slavery. so more effect of the civil war the United States was put back to nomle and the US hab big war det but the Union was persuade.
  • well this is the end of the tor so lets talk about the legacy
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