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Electricity comic strip
Updated: 5/21/2020
Electricity comic strip
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  • Hey steven, looks like it is about to storm. We should hid under this tree.
  • Oh yeah, but I wouldn't go under the tree because if there is lightning , the tree could put us in even more danger. Follow me.
  • Okay, but why?
  • Oh okay what else?
  • Phew, glad we made it. To answer your question of why. well when lightning strikes it goes for the highest point. If we were under that tree we could have gotten electricuted!
  • Okay. Did you know that lightning is actually static electricity because when it thunder storms, two clouds have oppisite charges causing them to attract and create a huge static shock that we call lightning.
  • Exactly right!
  • No way thats super cool. So its like when I touch a doorknob and I get shock.
  • Mean while back at the tree.
  • Squaaa..zzzzzz...kkk!
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