Unknown Story
Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • HELP!
  • Ponyboy, I did not mean to!!
  • oww!! I´m running away!!
  • Darry!! Ponyboy you alright? Don´t leave. Wait!!
  • The first event is when Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally were going back to the church after they ate at Dairy Queen, they saw that the church was smoking and was on fire. Dally parked the car and Ponyboy ran inside to help some kids that were inside because there was a school trip and kids were trapped inside the church. Then Johnny ran inside after Ponyboy and they both were inside saving the kids and then Dally ran to help. The kids were safe but Dally, Johnny and Ponyboy were in an ambulance going to the hospital. The second event is when Darry hit Ponyboy and nobody has ever hit Ponyboy. Darry hit Ponyboy because he has been out for to long. Ponyboy told Darry that he also slept in a lot and that is when Darry got angry and hit Ponyboy.