Updated: 1/12/2020
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  • Are you sure that we should drone race illegally in the Undercity?
  • It's the only way I can help my sick but a rich boy like you wouldn't understand
  • You need to stay away from the Undercity!! It's too dangerous! You don't understand.
  • He doesn't understand how I'm drawn to that place because it reminds me of our childhood.
  • Don't you dare hurt my brother! Where is Eden?
  • I don't think you're in a position to make deals and you'll cooperate if your brother safe.
  • This is the protagonist Eden who is rich and at a higher level in this society with his friend that is poor and doesn't have the same level and he is trying to help her get the money to get medicine for her father and in order to do they are doing illegal things.
  • Look we need to bring back the Level system because without it there is chaos. But it is an extremely unfair system.
  • I think I can make a chip that does that.
  • This is the protagonist Eden with his older brother(Daniel), who is super well known and rich and basically raised Eden. Eden feels like Daniel doesn't understand why he goes to the Undercity but Daniel is older and has been through a lot more and wants to keep his brother safe.
  • The antagonist of the story, Dominic Hann kidnaps Daniel in order to force Eden to cooperate with him and help him build his signaler which would take down the entire level system of the government.
  • Daniel and Eden sit back in the Republic where they grew up and where Daniel became a hero and they discuss what they should do in order to save the Antartica level system which Hann destroyed with Eden's help
  • Eden and Daniel sneak back into Hann's place and undo his work and bring back the Level system but with new edits that takes away the unfairness of before.
  • If I don't do this fast then no matter how good of a fighter Daniel is, He's gonna get overwhelmed.
  • Daniel proposes to the love of his life, June who also helped them save Antartica and she was one of the protagonists in the original Legend trilogy.
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