greek god
Updated: 5/20/2020
greek god

Storyboard Text

  • Terror is the god of fears. He can make someone see their fears by looking them in the eyes. He is the son of Phobos.
  • He's gotten in trouble with Zeus for using his power on him. Zeus got furious and wanted to hurt Terror. They ended up fighting.
  • i'm sorry for everything i've done.
  • He got in trouble a lot because he would torment gods and the people there. One time he got caught up in a mess after one of the gods told the rest what Terror had been doing.
  • it's for the better.
  • One time he had wondered what would happen if he looked at his own eyes in a reflection. When he did it, the only thing that showed up was an image of himself.
  • Terror realized the harm his actions did and ended up apologizing to the gods.
  • Seeing how his powers affected others and himself, he decided to not use them unless it was necessary or he was asked to.