History King Charles
Updated: 11/13/2020
History King Charles

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  • King Charles I goes to Parliament
  • Petition of Right
  • I will raise taxes and rule as an absolute monarch.
  • Only if you sign this.
  • How about we kill some of the King's key ministers. We'll show him.
  • King Charles I needs Parliament
  • After years of not having you guys I have come to the conclusion that I need you guys. I need money to put a end to those Puritans.
  • Cavaliers vs. Roundheads
  • We cannot be dissolved our consent.
  • Attack!!
  • King Charles I goes to parliament so he can raise taxes for money. Before parliament agreed to this they made King Charles sign the Petition of Right. The Petition of Right guaranteed that the king could not unfairly jail or raise taxes without getting approval from parliament.
  • Beheading of Charles I
  • After the king dissolved parliament for eleven years for making him sign the petition he needed them. King Charles I needed to build up a rebellion against the Puritans with a donation from parliament. Since King Charles I dissolved parliament they were furious and decided to kill the king's key ministers.
  • Lord Protector
  • I will be known as Oliver Cromwell or Lord Protector.
  • After parliament told King Charles that they could not be dissolved anymore without their own consent. King Charles I and his army, the Cavaliers marched into arrest members of parliament. Many members fled leading to a battle against Oliver Cromwell and his army called the Roundheads. After many battles Cromwell was able to defeat the Cavaliers and capture King Charles I.
  • Sunday the Religious Day
  • After the capture of King Charles I he was put to trial and sentenced to death. This sent shock waves through Europe since it was the first time a King was killed by his subjects.
  • After the House of Commons abolished the absolute monarchy Oliver Cromwell leader. Oliver Cromwell called himself Lord Protector and ruled England as a dictator having the army back his every move.
  • After the Puritans passed laws for Sunday to be the official day of religion and worship. Since they had this Oliver Cromwell closed all theaters, dancing, and taverns. Puritans also started pushing education for kids to read so they could read the Bible.
  • Close this all immediately!
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